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Drupal Forum Subscribe Button missing for some user roles

Forum Taxonomy permissions - subscribe button

Make sure the permission below is enable for that role.

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CKEditor not installed for WYSIWYG- Drupal 7

CKEditor does not appear to be installed.

If you are having difficulty getting your WYSIWYG to recognize your CKEditor below is the fix.  I had to dig down into a Drupal forum to find it so I thought I would place it here for easy reference.

Thank you Alex for the hack!

There is always something to be thankful for.

There is always something to be thankful for

There is always something to be thankful for.  Even the pain of life...  

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Views Data Export only exports 10 rows!

Simple setting that is left out of the literature for the Drupal 7 Views Data Export.

Once you create your view, you must set the Pager / Items to be displayed to zero. By default it is set to 10.  Zero will export unlimited amount of items.


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SharePoint 2013 Online- add option to have links / URLs to open in New window - No Code required

Adding the option to open links in new windows.

It is amazing to me what functions are not "Out-of-the-Box" with SharePoint 2013 Online... For instance when you create a list of URLs or links to external or internal addresses that there is not an option to open the link in a new window or tab. 
Sooooo... if I have a SharePoint list of links to useful IT tutorials that are not located on our SharePoint site, the user is taken out of our site to the new site. Then the user has to either manually type our SharePoint URL back in or back-up the browser.  Totally annoying.


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SharePoint Online 2013- the web part disappears in edit mode

Quick Fix-

Add   ?content=1  after the URL like so:


Find the web part and close it then add it again.

To add the web part back. Edit the page > Select "INSERT" from the top tabs > Web Part (On ribbon) > scroll down to "Closed Web Part" > select the web part and click add.

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Exchange Online - adding non- exchange emails account and avoiding duplicates.

Using forwarded addresses in Office 365

Here's the scenario.  I had a company that consisted of three small brokerages converging into one.  The choice was made to migrate to Office 365. Great! This should be easy!  It is a new company with a new exchange so pretty much a set-up job... No problem! Here comes the other shoe... They needed to keep their other email  accounts live so they would still receive communications from their old emails listed in the current running ads.

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MyPHP Passwords

LOL or 365 passwords

I am feeling lazy this week so you're going to be hit by memes

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Set - up External Drupal 7 Cron Jobs in Go Daddy Hosting account

I am Cron!

One of the site I developed and continually develop is a social media site for a international group of pharmacist.  This is one of those sites that we didn't know what we had until it launched.  It was a huge success!  It was such a huge success in fact that in the first week, the traffic crashed the site. It was one of the those "Yeay! Oh crap!" moments. :)

Any way the discussion board on this site was so busy that the Drupal cron couldn't handle the tasks at hand and slow our site down.  It also had a nasty habit of sending out the same notification over and over.

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