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Set - up External Drupal 7 Cron Jobs in Go Daddy Hosting account

I am Cron!

One of the site I developed and continually develop is a social media site for a international group of pharmacist.  This is one of those sites that we didn't know what we had until it launched.  It was a huge success!  It was such a huge success in fact that in the first week, the traffic crashed the site. It was one of the those "Yeay! Oh crap!" moments. :)

Any way the discussion board on this site was so busy that the Drupal cron couldn't handle the tasks at hand and slow our site down.  It also had a nasty habit of sending out the same notification over and over.

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reCaptcha fails on contact form in Joomla with K2

You failed the Spam Check

You failed the spam check. Please try again!


This can happen if you have K2 installed and are using reCaptcha for your contact form.

The core of Joomla and K2 both come with reCaptcha out of the box and if both are enabled they will conflict with each other.

The only reCaptcha that needs to be enabled is the K2 version.


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10 Activities that help techies burn calories at work

  1. Making mountains out of molehills                         500 calories an hour
  2. Flying off the handle                                               375 calories an hour
  3. Jumping on the bandwagon                                    300 calories an hour
  4. Beating your head against your monitor                 350 calories an hour
  5. Climbing the walls                                                   400 calories an hour
  6. Jogging your memory                                              100 calories an hour
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Oppsie! How to stop a Drupal 7 Simplenews Newsletter from accidental send!

Ooooppps! My bad!

Testing some Simplenews theming emails, I accidentally pressed send to all our subscribers... 

I stopped cron from running but the was still no simple (no pun indended) way of stopping the newsletter from the Drupal CMS from going out with the next cron run.

Enter to save the day.  You need to be able to get into you MyPHPAdmin but it does the trick. (Sorry content editors you will need to talk to someone else if you cannot or should not touch the database)

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Lync Sign on error

Lync error on sign in:


Change to manual:


1. in Lync go to setting, sproket icon.


3. Change sign in address

4. click advance

5. Select Manual Config

6. Internal address:

Extrernal Address:

7. OK

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Changing you host file to view your site on your godaddy linux virtual private server in windows 7


I came upon a situtation where our shared hosted godaddy account could no longer handle the traffic of the website. Their suggestion was to migrate over to a Virtual Private Server... Sounded good, it has way more bandwidth and we were also having an issue with our web mail crashing from all the site notifications going out. (Post, password resets, new account creations, etc...) So the VPS seemed like a solution for that as well. (Still remains to be seen if the mail server will handle that much outgoing mail. Fingers crossed)

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Setting up Godaddy Virtual Private Server settings- When you put the wrong domain name. LOL

Sometimes I just do "bone-headed" stuff.  I had set-up a virtual private server web server with the wrong domain name. Ugggg!

As you can imagine this messed up my FTP and took me a couple of hours to figure out what the heck was going on.  I left one letter out of the web domain. So as I looked at my FTP info I was concentrating on my username being wrong or my password.  Did look down the line at the domain.

So here is where you go to correct the domain name.

From your server dashboard go into the WHM or WebHost Manager.

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Login blocked after 5 failed login attempts - Drupal 7 adjust user_failed variable

Oh no I am locked out!

Drupal default is if a user tries to log in with the wrong password 5 times within a one hour timeframe from the same IP,  that user's account will be blocked for 6 hours from attempting to log in again.

One hour to try five times and six hours locked out if you fail.  Drupal 7 will give you an option to reset your password and you will temporarily be able to get in. But if you log out and log back in before that initial six hour lock out is up, you will continue to be locked out.


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