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Lync Sign on error

Lync error on sign in:


Change to manual:


1. in Lync go to setting, sproket icon.


3. Change sign in address

4. click advance

5. Select Manual Config

6. Internal address: sipdir.online.lync.com:443

Extrernal Address: sipdir.online.lync.com:443

7. OK

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Changing you host file to view your site on your godaddy linux virtual private server in windows 7


I came upon a situtation where our shared hosted godaddy account could no longer handle the traffic of the website. Their suggestion was to migrate over to a Virtual Private Server... Sounded good, it has way more bandwidth and we were also having an issue with our web mail crashing from all the site notifications going out. (Post, password resets, new account creations, etc...) So the VPS seemed like a solution for that as well. (Still remains to be seen if the mail server will handle that much outgoing mail. Fingers crossed)

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Setting up Godaddy Virtual Private Server settings- When you put the wrong domain name. LOL

Sometimes I just do "bone-headed" stuff.  I had set-up a virtual private server web server with the wrong domain name. Ugggg!

As you can imagine this messed up my FTP and took me a couple of hours to figure out what the heck was going on.  I left one letter out of the web domain. So as I looked at my FTP info I was concentrating on my username being wrong or my password.  Did look down the line at the domain.

So here is where you go to correct the domain name.

From your server dashboard go into the WHM or WebHost Manager.

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Login blocked after 5 failed login attempts - Drupal 7 adjust user_failed variable

Oh no I am locked out!

Drupal default is if a user tries to log in with the wrong password 5 times within a one hour timeframe from the same IP,  that user's account will be blocked for 6 hours from attempting to log in again.

One hour to try five times and six hours locked out if you fail.  Drupal 7 will give you an option to reset your password and you will temporarily be able to get in. But if you log out and log back in before that initial six hour lock out is up, you will continue to be locked out.

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Drupal 7 Forums EntityMetadataWrapperException: Error

This error> EntityMetadataWrapperException: Unable to get the data property format as the parent data structure is not set.


Can be resolved by turning off the Message Notify Example Module.


Works for me!

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Re-direct only your homepage. Not the entire DNS

I just want the homepage to go to a happy place

Here is how you re-direct only your home page and not the whole server.

in your htaccess file add this:

RedirectMatch ^/$ http://whatyouwant.com


That's it!

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register_globals is set to ON? No they're not! Drupal 7 install

How to turn register_globals off

This is the code I use in my GoDaddy php.ini file.

register_globals = off
allow_url_fopen = off

expose_php = Off
max_input_time = 60
variables_order = "EGPCS"
extension_dir = ./
upload_tmp_dir = /tmp
precision = 12
SMTP = relay-hosting.secureserver.net
url_rewriter.tags = "a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=,fieldset="

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#2002 Socket Error XAMPP MyPHPAdmin - McAfee

#2002 Socket error on Xampp MyPHPAdmin needs permissions from McAfee

I hate that screen!  If you have McAfee installed on your machine, you need to give Apache and MySQL permissions by unblocking them in McAfee's Internet applications. 

Just get into the McAfee App and goto Internet Applications, find all the apps related with XAMPP, check the box and click approve. (Can find it in the system tray on botton right)

It's a simple fix but to find the answer on the web took a few hours... 

McAfee also blocks TeamViewer but TeamViewer will say it a proxy error.  


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Had to share this nifty little trick! Thanks Alex Schenker!

Reset your password for the administrator in Drupal

This is a great way to reset your admin password on a local installation of Drupal 7 in Xampp! 

Full article by We Rock Your Web!


In the next couple steps, we will show you how to generate a hash to enter into your database to reset the password for user 1 (the admin user). 

Generating a Password Hash

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common.inc missing from Drupal installation! WTH! White Screen of Death!

The white screen of DEATH! on Drupal installations can leave you confused, sad, and weepy.  How the heck are you going to fix an error if you cannot see it?!

Well, I have run into this and couldn't really find a large amount of docummentation to fix the issue I was having.



Drupal 7.26 core installation
GoDaddy Hosting
PHP 5.3



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